A good turn deserves another one

Even the smallest detail has been considered

The bar is high for Turn Key professionals. For us, an unforgettable experience is synonymous with thorough customization. We do not act on our own. Depending on the intended objectives and resources, we work with a team of driven and creative professionals, who complement and strengthen one another.

With Turn Key, our clients strike gold

As a client, you will always be able to count on a single point of contact. This Project Manager will be closely involved in both the preparation and the execution of an event.

In addition to permanent employees, the Turn Key team consists of external specialists whom we deploy as needed. These specialists also do regular work for us outside of the national borders, sometimes providing rough outlines on-site, other times working things out in detail.

The Human Touch

Impressing is in our DNA

Turn Key’s passionate professionals are constantly on the lookout for new inspiration. Our creativity forms the basis for the exclusive concepts we come up with. In doing so, we like to come off the beaten track. We understand the art of thinking out of the box and are in possession of commercial instincts and a flawless sense of communication. And we do all that so that you can impress with an event that will last in people’s minds.


“A very big thank you to you all for the meticulous AGM preparation and your tireless work. I am deeply grateful.”

Our key to your success

The characteristic Turn Key blood flows through the veins of both permanent employees and our external specialists. To ensure success, we use five core values that are anchored in our DNA.

The right team

  • The right partners
  • The right structure
  • The right customers
  • The right budget