Business events, personal and unique

Distinguishing ourselves for the past 25 years

With over 25 years of experience in business events, Turn Key knows what it means to shape an event, in terms of both creation and organization. Whatever creative choices we make, we’ll never lose sight of your objective, message, and guests.

Plenty of experience with every type of business event

Your business event, too, deserves a personal, distinctive approach. Naturally, we will be guided by the objective you have in mind, as well by the message you wish to convey.

With the help of these ingredients, we will work to create and organize an event that is just right for you in terms of atmosphere and message. Regardless of whether it is a sales meeting, a shareholders’ meeting, a brand activation campaign, a product launch, a medical conference, an exclusive high-end dinner or an incentive trip.


Each event has a unique character

Our events offer more than just a special experience. We understand the art of linking an experience to the message of an event, which allows us to we provide each business event with a unique character. Your guests will receive an enhanced experience, understanding and feeling of the message: a prerequisite for getting started.


"The Mille Miglia, the most beautiful race in the world, makes the true car lover's heart beat faster."

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Conceptualization, creation and organization from A to Z

From concept to realization: the organization of each business event goes through a number of fixed stages. We are happy to play the director role at every stage. You can delegate the conceptualization, creation and organization of an event from A to Z, with complete peace of mind.

We’re not just talking about the choosing a compelling theme or presenting communication in tailor-made formats, such as presentations, videos and printed matter; we will also arrange a perfect location, catering, guest speakers and entertainment down to detail.


If you have a preference for digital, we offer a wide range of Digital Experiences

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