Maximum impact with Digital Experiences

A digital event gives your organization the edge it deserves

Inspiring, connecting, and affecting people doesn’t always require a physical gathering – a lesson we learned during Covid. Digital events – possibly in combination with live events – have gained momentum.

The Turn Key team has also gained plenty of experience with the creation and organization of these digital events. It is a perfect way to maintain and improve the relationship with employees and other stakeholders. Naturally, we set the bar just as high for digital events, shooting for the highest possible quality. We will not settle for less.

Creating maximum effect and experience

In our view, a digital event should never feel like a plan B, which is why Turn Key leaves no stone unturned to achieve the same human touch and the same goosebumps online or in hybrid form that you would for a live event. Wherever the guests may be, they will all have the same memorable experience. In order to achieve that maximum effect and experience, we look for the limits of what is possible.

Based on principles and using our expertise, we develop a meaningful digital experience that guests will not soon forget. A team of specialists uses the latest techniques to create a professional production, eagerly using crossovers with the physical world.

Digital translation for every event

Hear, see, feel. All digital events organized by Turn Key will stimulate as many senses as possible, raising your online presentation, interactive hybrid session or virtual and augmented reality experience to an unprecedented level.

For every business event, there is a digital alternative, and we would be delighted to develop and organize one for you. We fully adapt the form and content to the objective of your event, the composition and availability of the target group and the use of the desired technologies.

The future of business events

The unprecedented possibilities of the metaverse take virtual and hybrid events to the next level. The Metaverse bridges the gap between guests who are physically and virtually present. Your guests connect with each other in a virtual 3D world, where we make full use of virtual, augmented and physical reality. With the help of specialists, we create a unique experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Turn Key is at the forefront of this trend, making us the perfect party to advise or support you. We are convinced that the metaverse is the future for business events.


"A poignant message, interaction with the audience and a great set and crew all contributed to a perfect event."

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