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Turn Green is the green label of Turn Key Business Events bv. Turn Green brings two aspects together: sustainability and the top quality you can expect from us.

Turn Green believes that sustainability is very important in regards to corporate social responsibility. Therefore Turn Green incorporates green elements in the events as much as possible, without being imperative or to over-act. A high quality based on sustainable principles, though with the same creativity and atmosphere you are used to.

Turn Green creates and realises events with CO2-reducing measures. By using a lot of small sustainable items the total sustainable value of your event will be enhanced. This leads to a positive and constructive atmosphere, for now and for the future.

Ideas and measures of which you could think of are for instance recycling, reducing waste, biological food & beverage, energy efficiency plans, venues with a green label and use of recycled paper or digital communication. Furthermore to decrease transportation and therefore CO2 emission, we work with local suppliers at all times.

Turn Green justifies her green name during events, meetings, presentations, publications, product launches, as well home and abroad. You can also approach Turn Green for green incentives. These carefully composed (inter)national journeys are all based on the principles of sustainability.

Because Turn Green approaches her sustainable events differently, sustainability does not have to be more expensive. A large reduction of environmental pollution could be realised with small interventions only. With those ideas and measures your event will be a strong tool to show your relations you take sustainability very seriously and at the same time it is good for the bottom line as well.